Pre-application Meeting

If you are considering a new development on the Shuswap Indian Band land, you will be required to contact the Shuswap Development and Building Department to set up a formal Pre-Application Meeting in order to discuss your proposed development and potential development issues.

General discussion may occur prior to the formal Pre-Application Meeting by means of informal meetings and conversations. However, a formal Pre-Application will provide you with additional valuable information with respect to your Development Permit Application. While the formal Pre-Application Meeting is recommended it is not mandatory if you feel your Development Permit Application is not complicated.

The intent of the formal Pre-Application Meeting is to informally present your proposed development to the Shuswap Development and Building Department. For this meeting the developer should have the following documents for presentation.

  • Site Plan of the property to be developed.
    • Site plan shall show proposed development.
    • Site plan shall show adjacent properties, adjacent buildings, existing roads, proposed roads and proposed site access roads.
    • Site plan shall show the foot print and the location of the proposed building(s), on-site parking, as well as all other existing buildings, etc.
  • Landscaping Plan showing general proposed landscaping.
  • Site Photos showing the existing site.
  • Elevations or Renderings of the proposed development showing what the completed development will look like.

The required documents for the Pre-Application Meeting, are not required to be completed designs. They shall be more of an illustration of how you, the developer, are proposing to complete the development. The intent of the documents are to provide the Shuswap Development and Building Department with enough information for evaluation of the proposed development and for internal review and discussion.

The applicant shall bring five (5) copies of all proposal documents to the meeting for Shuswap Development and Building Department's internal distribution. These documents will not be returned to the applicant.

Your development may or may not be rejected at the Pre-Application Meeting. You will receive input on the proposed development during the meeting. It is very likely that other issues will have to be further reviewed. Further comment may be forwarded to you after internal review and discussions. The Shuswap Development and Building Department may require additional meetings prior to giving general approval to proceed to the Development Permit Application stage.

If you receive a general approval, on the basis of your proposed development, you may proceed with your Development Permit Application. Any requirements from the Pre-Application Meeting shall be incorporated into the Development Permit Application documents.

This general approval does not guarantee a successful approved Development Permit. It simply means that the Shuswap Development and Building Department is in general support of the proposed development and will accept a Development Permit Application for the Proposed project.

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