Development Permit Application

When is a Development Permit Needed?

A Development Permit is required for most new construction or changes of use.

The Shuswap Zoning Bylaw does not specifically describe which types of developments require a Development Permit. This is reviewed on a project by project basis.

Generally, all developments on 'Non-Designated Land' require Development Permit.
Developments on 'Designated Land' may not require a Development Permit if the proposed development for that property falls within the Shuswap Land Use Bylaws for that property. See Shuswap Zoning Maps and Shuswap Land Use Bylaws.

The following are some of the types of construction that DO NOT require a Development Permit IF they comply with all the rules of the Shuswap Land Use Bylaw:

  • fences, walls, gates, parking pads, decks, garages, sheds;
  • the construction of, or addition to, single and two unit dwellings, unless they are in a floodway, hazardous lands, etc;
  • interior alterations to a residence (unless it changes the number of dwelling units);
  • some changes of use (e.g. Retail to Retail).

Refer also to What to Expect through the Development and Building Process

How and where to apply?

The Development Permit Application Form for submitting your Development Permit Application can only be downloaded from here. The forms are not available in the Shuswap Band office.

Once you have downloaded Development Permit Application Form you can begin filling it out. The form requires that you provide site specific information. Acquiring all the required information may involve hiring different consultants and engineers to create or complete the information for the Development Permit Application. This process could take months of research and planning. So, plan your development's schedule accordingly.

Development Permit Requirements

As with any project, there are a number of issues that need to be reviewed prior to development approval. In order to complete this review, the applicant must complete and provide various reports, studies, design drawings, etc, for submission with the Development Permit Application.

Due to the cost of creating and acquiring the required documents for Development Permit Application, we strongly suggest that the applicant complete the process of Pre-Application Meeting to obtain a general approval to proceed with Development Permit Application. If you have not already done so, please refer to Pre-Application Meetings.

The submitted Development Permit Application will be reviewed by the Shuswap Development and Building Department and then forwarded to the following government agencies for their review. We refer to this stage of the Development Permit Application review as the Agencies Review Board. The Agencies Review board consists of the following government agencies;

The process of Agencies Review Board takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks, depending on your project. The Government Agencies may request more information during the review process. Which may lead to a longer review process.

The review process of the government agencies, at this stage, is only for Approval of Principle for Development Permit. What this this Approval of Principle means, is that the government agencies have reviewed the development proposal and have given general approval for the project providing acceptable engineering can be achieved to service the development.

Which leads to the next stage of the Development Permit process.

Refer to General Application Requirements for Various Project Types.

Refer to Engineering.