Development Permit Fee Schedule

The fees for Pre-Application and Development Permit application are based on a cost plus administration fee. Due to the fact that individual projects can have very different requirements with respect to dealing with Government Agencies, etc it is difficult to determine the actual total cost for a completed development permit application. Therefore, the Shuswap Development and Building Department provides the development permit process at a cost plus 20% administration fee. Accepted applications will be invoiced on a monthly basis to the applicant. Invoices are due net 30 days.


Building Permit Fee Schedule

The fee for a Building Permit is a target fee amount only and estimated on the total construction cost of the project. The total project cost amount is estimated by the applicant. For new single family or duplex family residential projects, refer to Residential Cost Estimate Form. For all other project types provide cost estimate information.

The basic target fee amount is based on a specified fee amount per $1000 of construction cost. Refer to the Building Permit Fee Schedule for the specified fee cost per $1000 of construction costs. Please note, that there are additional building permit fees for different components for some buildings. For example, there are additional fees for buildings with sprinkler systems. The target fee amount must accompany the Building Permit Application.

The final cost of the Building Permit process may vary from the target fee amount as the final cost is based on the Shuswap Development and Building Department’s cost to administer the project. Administration costs are based on time involvement of the Building Department and administration overhead. Therefore, if the building is ready for each construction review and meets building requirements, the building is not complicated and the applicant is efficient with the Building Department’s time, then there will be no additional charges.

However, if the project requires more involvement by the Building Department due to additional construction reviews caused by non-conforming products or construction, a complex building or incomplete construction at time of inspection, then the final cost of the Building Permit may be higher than the target fees amount. If this occurs the applicant will be invoiced for the difference and Occupancy will not be granted until such fees are paid in full. Building Permits are good for two years.

All Building Permit Fees are to be paid at time of application. Building Permit application will not be accepted without payment.