Building Permit Application

In most cases you need an approved Development Permit before application can be made for Building Permit. However, if your project is on designated and zoned land and your project’s design meets all the requirements of the Shuswap Indian Band Zoning Bylaw then you may not need a Development Permit.

Once you have an approved Development Permit, or confirmed that you do not need one, you can apply for a Building Permit.

The Building Permit Application form explains all the information required and includes a helpful checklist of items you need in order to acquire a Building Permit. You must choose the appropriate Building Permit Application based on the type of building.

Depending on your building's use of classification or occupancy type and building size your project my require professional involvement. Refer to "How does the building code affect my building" and "Professional Involvement".

Foundation Permit Application

Upon submitting your application for a Building Permit, you may request a partial building permit called a Foundation Permit to expedite construction. Foundation Permits are reviewed on a project by project basis. If your project involves a Professional Structural Engineer that is registered and practicing within the Province of British Columbia, and the structural engineer provides the applicable Schedules A and B and intends to provide Schedule C upon completion of the project, then you are likely to obtain a Foundation Permit within two days of the Building Permit Application.

Complete drawings for the entire project must be submitted for a Foundation Permit. Partial drawings or foundation drawings will not be accepted.

If the project does not involve a Professional Structural Engineer registered within the Province of British Columbia then a more in-depth review is required and may take two weeks. In some cases a full review is required and, if so, then a full Building Permit will be issued upon approval.

A Foundation Permit allows the applicant to start excavation, foundations and site services only. A full Building permit must be issued before work commences beyond that stage of construction.

Full Building Permit reviews are usually completed within two weeks.

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